Running projects

Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago

The Buccoo Reef in Tobago is important for the economy of Trinidad & Tobago. Although the marine ecosystem is degraded, there is still a chance to revive this ecosystem. Together with the local authorities we have set up and coral reef restoration experiment to find out how we can effectively scale up and increase our impact.


Through the EU-funded RESESMBID's 'Turning the Tide' program artificial MOSES reefs have been installed along the south coast of Aruba to restore marine biodiversity and create economic resilience for the people living on the Island. 

Dordrecht, the Netherlands

With Gebr. de Koning and Gemeente Dordrecht the sheet piles at Stadswerven have been ecologically improved. With SPECTER-planters, swamp plants can now grow here to improve water quality, to create habitats for fish and to create a greener street view.

Shimoni, Kenya

In collaboration with REEFolution and Wageningen University & Research and Boskalis we've started a coral reef restoration project in Shimoni, Kenya. Together with the local community we will restore multiple acres of reef in the future.

Groningen, the Netherlands

Commissioned by Waterschap Noorderzijlvest and in collaboration with Arcadis and Heijmans the biggest artificial reef pilot in history has been installed in the Wadden Sea to research how we can improve this ecosystem.

Utrecht, the Netherlands

With Samen voor BiodiversiteitGemeente Utrecht and Hoogheem-raadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden some sheet piles in Utrecht have become ecologically enhancing.

Brooklyn, New York

In collaboration with Space & Matter we will investigate the possibilities of designing floating foundations as an underwater landscape in Brooklyn, New York.

Utrecht, the Netherlands

With Gemeente Utrecht and Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden 180 habitats were installed in the Catharijnesingel in the centre of Utrecht to create habitat for local- and migrating fish species

Haringvliet, the Netherlands

ReefSystems has installed three pilot installations in Haringvliet with Wageningen University. The structures are placed in three different ecosystems.

Portobelo, Panama

With Boskalis, SCUBAPANAMA, Reef2Reef Foundation Panama, Maritime University of Panama and we are testing MOSES in the Caribbean Sea.

Schipluiden, the Netherlands

Together with Hoogheemraadschap Delfland and Van Halteren Infra we have created a green aquatic wall full of life in Schipluiden with various SPECTER to support biodiversity in the project area.

Utrecht, the Netherlands

In collaboration with Gemeente Utrecht, 10 SPECTERs were installed to improve biodiversity, water quality and street view in the center of Utrecht.

Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands

In collaboration with Provincie Zuid-Holland the first SheetPile Eco-Territorial Reinforcements (SPECTER) are installed in three different locations.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In November 2020 the second MOSES-installation of our North Sea Channel project has been installed at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam.

IJmuiden, the Netherlands

Together with van Oord and Port of Amsterdam we have installed a reef at IJmuiden. The artificial reef in this saltwater area will attract various species.