Brooklyn, New York

The climate crisis forces us to change the ways we plan and design cities located by the water. Adaptive floating foundations mitigate the growing problems surrounding rising sea levels for people. With nature-inclusive design solutions these floating cities can also facilitate habitats for marine life to kick-start ecosystem restoration.

In collaboration with Space & Matter, Common City, CrowdBuilding,  Reti Center, Bese-elements and the local community of Redhook, we will investigate the possibilities of designing floating foundations as an underwater landscape in Brooklyn, New York. Various student groups from the Alfred State College - SUNY College of Technology will monitor the structures and development of biodiversity to quantify the positive effect of this restoration project. The results will be used as input for the final design of 5 acres of floating foundations!

Click on the images below to learn more about how this project in Redhook, Brooklyn, New York got initiated.