Utrecht, the Netherlands

In collaboration with Gemeente Utrecht ten SPECTERs (Sheet Pile Eco-Territorial Reinforcementswere installed at Rotsoord, Utrecht. There used to be a lot of industry in Rotsoord. As a result, there are beautiful buildings of companies that, for example, had their factory or business hall here. The Gemeente Utrecht plans to create a cultural / creative hotspot in this area, while trying to stimulate mixed functions. The 'cold' sheet piles along the water are unattractive to fish and other aquatic animals and it is impossible for water plants to grow here. To stimulate local biodiversity, improve the water quality and create a better street view ReefSystems has installed ten SPECTERs. The multi-layered hanging cases for aquatic plants are developed to restore nature by bringing back the wildernis in the industrial world.  In the coming summer the development of these installations will be monitored to see how this new aquatic ecosystem will flourish, where after the Gemeente Utrecht will start installing SPECTERs in other areas in the city.