What is MOSES?

MOSES is a modular building system which serves as habitat for marine life to find food, shelter, and a safe space to reproduce. MOSES enables the construction of functional maritime structures, such as riverbank reinforcements, wave breakers or scour protection that simultaneously function as artificial reefs. The innovative ReefSystems ingredient mix enables the construction of structures with similar size and strength using 40% less concrete, resulting in decreased CO2-emissions by using less cement.

Have the effects of MOSES been tested?

Wageningen University & Research has conducted a case study to research the effect of MOSES in the ecosystem of Haringvliet, the Netherlands. We saw an increase of several species. Want to learn more?

How does MOSES accommodate different species?

Each module creates various microhabitats for the relevant local species such as corals, mussels, oysters, and other shellfish in their different life cycle stages. The different forms, bioreceptive surfaces and heights of a MOSES installation attract a wide variety of species.

How can MOSES be installed?

MOSES blocks are easily transported individually and can be build up on site. Complete segments are submerged into the water using a crane, which makes the installation process easier compared to traditional maritime constructions.

Why use MOSES for your construction project?

  • To win tenders by adding ecological value to your project
  • To stimulate biodiversity and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals 14 & 15.
  • For damage control of construction projects.
  • To compensate for your CO2-emissions / habitat destruction


What is SPECTER?

The Sheet-Pile Eco-Territorial Reinforcement (SPECTER) is a multi-layered hanging cases for aquatic plants. It can be installed on existing and new sheet-pile installations to support the restoration of fragmented fish migration routes. Within the cases, plants and other organisms grow, which restores the health of ecosystems.

How is SPECTER designed?

SPECTER has two vital parts: 

  1. Under water SPECTER creates a green aquatic wall where growing water plants filter the water and create habitats for migrating fish can find food and hide from predators.

  2. Above water the plants attract birds, bees and  other insects. These plants create a pleasant street view with a positive environmental impact.

How is SPECTER installed?

The SPECTER cases are strategically placed along the water using a ponton and a crane. Plants are placed in the multi-layered hanging cases, whereafter the are easily welded to the sheet-pile installations, Spring would be a good time to install SPECTER cases, since then the plants will grow right away.

Where to implement SPECTER?

Close to the ocean to create shelter possibilities for migrating fish

In calm waterways for an improved street view and better water quality

In busy waterways where there is no possibility (yet) for water plants to grow

Why use SPECTER for your construction project?

SPECTER is the only product on the market to enhance nature with sheet-pile installations from an ecological perspective  & it focuses on the EU goals for the Water Framework Directive (Kade Richtlijn Water)