With artificial reef installations we can contribute to the wellbeing of nature, people and planet!

With the ReefSystems Foundation our goal is to enable communities to restore their own marine ecosystems

Healthy marine ecosystems are essential for coastal communities, since around 3 billion people depend on fisheries as their main food source. Thriving coral reefs protect coastlines from erosion and attract marine life. Unhealthy or damaged coral reefs do not longer provide food and shelter for marine life, resulting in biodiversity loss. A second negative effect is that diving tourists no longer visit these places, which has a negative effect the hospitality sector in the area. The installation of artificial reefs can solve these growing problems. By creating new habitats for marine life, populations can increase and a more biodiverse ecosystem is created. With our reef restoration efforts we actively involve local communities. This not only creates local employment, but also creates a sense of awareness. By teaching local communities how to set up reef restoration projects themselves we can create a sustainable future perspective for people and planet!

Road map to positive impact

1. Set up coral restoration workshop

2. Cultivate new corals

3. Artificial reef production training for locals

4. Installation planning

5. Transportation of reefs

6. Installation of reefs

7. Harvesting healthy corals

8. Transplantation of corals

9. Restoration of ecosystem

Video report from Kenya project


REEFolution trains and educates local communities to restore and protect coral reefs. Our mission is to leave behind self-resilient community-based coral reef management in the long-run. In collaboration with Reefolution we are able to set up reef restoration projects all over te world.

The AFAS Foundation donates funds for projects all over the world. They support projects in the fields of health, education and society. With a generous donation to the ReefSystems Foundation the AFAS Foundation has enabled us to realize our big dream: helping communities by restoring marine ecosystems.

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