About ReefSystems

ReefSystems aims to provide innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity. The products that ReefSystems develops are focussed on the restoration of ecosystems, thereby contributing to nature enhancement. A big positive impact can only be reached with broad implementation. In the product development phase ReefSystems therefore closely collaborates with research institutes, ecologists and other organizations within the same sector. These collaborations identify other functionalities that can be integrated into their products. Solving problems for other organizations in the market, results in broader implementation and an increased positive impact on the environment.


Jesse de Bont

Jesse graduated in Business Administration from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Within ReefSystems Jesse focusses on the strategy, organization and sales. He has always been interested in the ocean. After scuba diving around the world, his awareness surrounding habitat loss and natures dangerous decline started growing. He teamed up with Max to create and implement solutions for these growing problems.

- ''Working with like minded and ambitious people has been a dream come true.'' -

Max Dijkstra

Max graduated with honors as a product designer from the ArtEZ university for higher arts in Arnhem. He grew up near the beach and has always been interested in how to protect marine life. He collects and connects all the right parties and gathers the right information to let his projects rise to the highest quality. Teaming up with marine biologist and NGO'S has been a key element in his work as an environmental designer. 

- ''I want to help the natural world in whatever way I can, as long as I can.''  -


Meik Verdonk

Meik is currently doing his masters in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management at Wageningen University & Research. He is especially interested in the ecological interactions between species and their environment, as well as the functioning of different aquatic ecosystems. During his time at ReefSystems he focuses on optimizing the ecological functioning of ReefSystems' products, meeting the needs of a wide variety of marine and freshwater species.

Tessa Paulus

Tessa is an intern from the art academy in Utrecht. During her internship she conducts research into ecology and focuses on new and existing nature-inclusive design solutions. At ReefSystems she is working on a design assignment in which she completely shapes an outdoor space of 2.500m². Within this research she focusses on different options to create habitats for local birds, frogs, fish and other animals within the existing construction plans.

Tim Heijne

Tim has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Amsterdam University of applied sciences. As a nature lover he wanted to apply his knowledge in the field of biodiversity protection. Within ReefSystems Tim focusses on production process  optimization. Finding the optimal environmental friendly and bioreceptive materials is the first step. Designing and producing new molds to produce functional maritime products with these materials comes next.