About ReefSystems

Established in 2017, ReefSystems provides innovative solutions to stimulate biodiversity under and above water. Our mission is to create a new path in nature inclusive construction to actively support ecosystem restoration in the built environment. Many alarming reports indicate the importance of habitat creation. Nature-inclusive building projects help to contribute to the wellbeing of nature, people and planet, but often contractors struggle to find the right solution. That is why ReefSystems combines scientific research, design, engineering and practical installation planning to develop the best project specific innovation for nature. ReefSystems has a proven track record of successful projects delivered throughout the world. Our work has helped several Clients with winning tenders whereafter impactful projects have been realized.


Together with our clients we develop and execute plans to restore and improve ecosystems. Click the links below to learn more about our past projects and the latest ReefSystems news.


Jesse de Bont

Jesse focusses on the strategy, organization and sales. He has always been interested in the ocean. After scuba diving around the world, his awareness surrounding habitat loss and natures dangerous decline started growing. He teamed up with Max to create and implement solutions for these growing problems.

Max Dijkstra

Max graduated with honors as a product designer from the ArtEZ university for higher arts in Arnhem. He grew up near the beach and has always been interested in protecting marine life. Teaming up with marine biologist and NGO'S has been a key element in his work as an environmental designer.