Portobelo, Panama

The video on the right shows the MOSES reefs 2 weeks after installation. In collaboration with Boskalis, Reef2Reef Foundation Panama, SCUBAPANAMA, Maritime University of Panama and Coralive.org we are currently testing our MOSES-reefs in the Caribbean Sea. The aim of this research is to test the effects 3 reef designs on the surrounding ecosystem. The MOSES system was the easiest and most efficient reef for installation and it is attracting the most life due to the high 3D complexity and the highest amount of microhabitats compared to the other reefs.

In the coming weeks the local research team of Reef2Reef Foundation Panama will start planting Staghorn corals on structures to kickstart the development of a healthy coral reef. In the future we can work with land based coral restoration organizations by producing 'plates' with pre-seeded coral larvae. These 'plates' can be attached onto the reefs for an efficient, effective and faster restoration process.

These pictures are taken 9 months after the installation of the MOSES Reef modules at the project site in Portobelo, Panama. Among others it shows the settlement of stony corals on the modules (probably Agaricia spp, Porites asteroides and Favia fragum). These results are promising, since the other artificial reef structures that are tested in this pilot do not show natural recruitment of corals.

Reef2Reef Foundation Panama

The Reef2Reef Foundation Panama aims to restore and create corals reefs together with the local community in order improve livelihood opportunities in fishery and ecotourism. In addition, the project actively engages in outreach and education activities to raise awareness on marine conservation.