Portobelo, Panama

In collaboration with Boskalis, Reef2Reef Foundation Panama, SCUBAPANAMA, Maritime University of Panama and Coralive.org we are currently testing our MOSES-reefs in the Caribbean Sea. The aim of this research is to test the effect of the reefs on the surrounding ecosystem and to develop an efficient installation process. The MOSES system enables the installation of artificial reefs in remote areas, where limited resources are available through community involvement. 

In the coming weeks the local research team of Reef2Reef Foundation Panama will start planting Stanghorn corals on structures to see how fast the will grow on the MOSES reefs. The divers have indicated that the MOSES system was the easiest artificial reef to install, due to the modularity. This enables the construction of reefs with a single diver keeping installation costs as low as possible.

Reef2Reef Foundation Panama

The Reef2Reef Foundation Panama aims to restore and create corals reefs together with the local community in order improve livelihood opportunities in fishery and ecotourism. In addition, the project actively engages in outreach and education activities to raise awareness on marine conservation.