ReefSystems team

Jesse de Bont

Jesse graduated in Business Administration from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He founded a trust office, where he serves over 50 clients. After scuba diving around the world his interest for the ocean started growing and his awareness concerning CO2-emissions and habitat destruction grew. He teamed up with Max to create and implement solutions for these growing problems.


T: +31 6 17 27 02 93


Max Dijkstra

Max graduated with honors as a product designer from the ArtEZ university for higher arts in Arnhem. He collects and connects all the right parties and gathers the right information to let his projects rise to the highest quality. Teaming up with marine biologist and NGO'S has been a key element in his work as an environmental designer. His ambition is to help the natural world in whatever way he can, as long as he can. 


T: +31 6 38 31 27 65